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Calvin Kang 

Passion, Integrity, Grit and a sense of purpose guides me through my day to day living, it has propelled me to find dream homes for my clients.  

I am a Real Estate Consultant and Investor in Singapore specialising in maximising potential, bridging goals, dreams into reality. Not stopping short of giving my very best in financial planning, strategic decision making and comprehensive adaptable market knowledge imparting to all. 

My philosophy is guided by trusting facts over opinion and ensuring that the destination is not just the end goal but the process leads to the destination. In having the right process, framework and confidence. I have helped unlocked many possibilities that were just a thought into reality. 

Let's journey together and live the dream reality! 

Did the recent cooling measures affect property prices in Singapore?
Looking for an investment property?
Aiming to maximise rental gains?
At PropcalSG, we cover all your realty needs 

Key Statistics: Average Cost of owning homes in Singapore (2021)
Source: valuechampion.sg


Average Cost of Homes (SGD) across HDB, Private & Landed Housing 

S$507 to S$1,731 PSF

Average PSF (Price per sq.foot) 
across HDB, Landed to Private 

1,053 sqft to 4244 sqft

Average size (sqft) across Private, HDB to Landed

Is it a good time to own a home in Singapore? 

Prices in Singapore's property have been increasing amdist the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen all time highs in 2021 since the 2013 peak. With new cooling measures introduced, increasing the ABSD (+5% average across), will we still see an influx of new home ownership or investment opportunities? 

Key Statistics: Average Cost of Renting Homes in Singapore (2021)
Source: seedly.sg

S$1,530 to S$2,950 
per month 

Average Rent (SGD) across 3rm to 5rm HDB (North, West, East, Central & South) 

S$2,272 to S$3,345 PSF

Average Rent (SGD) across 2BR (average 71 sqm) apartments
across Private Condos (North, West, East, Central & South) 

S$5,225 to S$17,796 per month

Average Rent (SGD) for Landed properties (North, East, West, Central & South) 

What are some factors to considering before renting out and/or renting a place? 

As a landlord, do you know your rights? Do you know what you are not allowed to do? For renters, are you looking for a shared space, an entire home. What are some ideals you are looking at for your desired home for the season. 

Journey With Us 

We envision to help you select your dream home 

We believe in giving value to your property to maximise potential 

#1 Understand your needs & wants 

#2 Customise solution and propose our ideals

#3 Let us do the work and we celebrate together 


Get an in-depth consultation with our advisors for both buy and sell side (buyer, seller, landlord, tenants) today

What sets us apart

Our methodology is simple. We equip you (our client) with the best knowledge, preparation and confidence in your property by providing: 

Financial Modelling Projections 

We provide you with market trends, competitive analysis. Introduction to loan tenure & amounts, empower you with financial calculations to support your decisions. 

Step by Step Guides

Each step provides a comprehensive overview, content and executional guides for you to make informed decisions confidently. We give each client a holistic view on the process with full transparency.

Facilitate start to finish on your contracts

With the expertise of our network of lawyers, surveyors, guarantors. We provide the full suite of our contacts and full coverage support to ensure your needs are taken care of without a hassle. 

“Calvin & the team at PropcalSG have given me valuable actionable insights on my property journey and have been very supportive of all my decisions , I would say their knowledge and customer service is a dime in a dozen”

Charles Granger, 34 years


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